Healthy Smiles for Texans (HST) provides free, comprehensive dental care to the elderly, disabled, Veterans, domestic violence survivors, and the medically fragile or compromised. Potential patients go through an application and screening process, to determine need and eligibility. Patients participating in HST often receive new partials or dentures, which not only helps them achieve complete oral health, but also restores their confidence by giving them their smiles back.

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The HST program only accept applicants who meet at least one of the following criteria:

(1) Individuals who are 62 years or older
Individuals who have a physical or mental disability and receive disability benefits.
Individuals who are medically fragile or medically compromised, who require dental care before an organ transplant, cancer treatment, or other chronic illness treatment
Individuals referred through a domestic violence victims’ resource.
United States Veterans who do not qualify for dental benefits through the Veterans Assistance (VA) system
(6)  Once a patient have completed the application and screening process, the patient is then matched with a dentist in his/her area where he/she receives comprehensive dental care.

Due to overwhelming demand, the waiting list at this time is approximately 6-9 months. Some areas of Texas may have a shorter or longer wait times than others, or may not be accepting applications. Contact the Program Coordinator to see if you are eligible to apply, at 512-448-2441 Ext 207 or

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Volunteer Dentists

Volunteer dentists, laboratories, and the HST Program Coordinator all work together to create a seamless program that allows the dentist to practice without constraints, and the patient to receive the care they need. The HST Program Coordinator will verify that the applicant has reliable transportation before matching an applicant with a dental provider. Once the patient has been assigned to a provider, the patient and dental office are responsible for scheduling the treatment appointments. After the care has been completed, the provider is required to submit the Treatment Completion Form to the HST Program Coordinator. The provider's office is under no obligation to become the patient's "dental home." The HST Program Coordinator is available to answer questions about the program's procedures and help resolve any problems that may arise during the course of treatment.To find our more about how the HST program works, download the HST Volunteer Provider Information.

HST Volunteer Provider Information

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