Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to be a TMOM Patient

TMOMs are designed to bring dental services to individuals who cannot afford care any other way.  We are not able to provide dental care to very young children.

How can I receive services at TMOM?

Come and wait in line.  Patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis.  Potential patients often begin lining up hours before we see our first patient at 6 am in order to have the best chance of receiving treatment.  Once the total number of patients we can see that day have been registered, no additional patients can be seen.  Because we see hundreds of patients in a day, please be prepared to wait several hours for service. Bring any medications that you take with you.

What kind of services can I expect to receive at TMOM?

The main goal of TMOM is to relieve pain and restore smiles.  We provide extractions, fillings, and cleanings as well as some other dental procedures that can be appropriately done in a mission setting.  We do not provide cosmetic dentistry or braces.  Further, we may determine that we cannot take care of all your dental needs at TMOM, so that we can relieve pain for the greatest number of patients.

Do I have to wait in line if my case is an emergency?

Everyone has to wait in line for services.  Most TMOM patients are suffering and in pain, so we do not take anyone out of line.

How long can I expect to spend at the mission?

Patients seeking treatment at TMOM should be prepared to spend the entire day at the event.   If you are not available when your name is called for treatment, we will move on to the next patient.

Will childcare be available during the event?

We encourage you to not bring your children to TMOM unless they are receiving treatment. We will have very limited space for childcare. Children will only be allowed to accompany their parents into the treatment room in an emergency situation.