Choppers for Chompers

The TDA Smiles Foundation is giving riders something to smile about with our Chopper for Chompers Rally. Whether you are a bona fide motorhead or just a weekend warrior, no biker can pass up this opportunity to hit the open road while supporting a good cause. These rallies that begin with a ride and end with dental CE are organized by Texas Smiles Riders, a group of dedicated dentists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Don’t miss our next ride!

Upcoming Rides

Sorry! We currently have no rallies on our schedule. Check back soon!

If you are interested in helping to organize a rally in your area, please contact Judith Gonzalez at 512-448-2441.

Texas Smiles Riders

Texas Smile Riders is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to raise money for the TDA Smiles Foundation through motorcycle rides across Texas. The group is comprised of dentists who ride and is certified through the Academy of General Dentistry PACE program. We are currently a very small group of riders but are always looking for more dentists to ride. If you are interested in joining our group, contact Dr Rick Riggs.


Planning Chairman
Dr John Findley

Local Arrangement Chairman
Dr Larry Herwig

Publicity Chairman
Dr Joey Cazares

Education Chairman
Dr Rick Riggs