A network of caring dentists, dedicated community members, and generous sponsors continues to allow the TDA Smiles Foundation to bring dental care to the underserved citizens of Texas. Without the support of our champions, our programs could not achieve their goals.


Creating ongoing partnerships with corporate entities and private foundations is essential to continuing the work of the TDA Smiles Foundation.

Our sponsors allow us to expand our programs and help more and more Texans in need. Here are our amazing partners!

To become a corporate or event sponsor, please contact Judith Gonzalez at 512-448-2441 x 202



($50,000 – $100,000)


($25,000 – $49,999)


($10,000 – $24,999)


($5,000 – $9,999)


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The 100 Club

Members of this club contribute $100 or more a month to help restore smiles in Texas. Each member receives a One Hundred Club lapel pin signifying their commitment to oral health.

Dr. Jay Adkins
Dr. Craig Armstrong
Ms. Cindy Bailey
Dr. Wade Barker
Dr. John Baucum III
Dr. & Mrs Doug Bogan
Drs. Ron & Dath Collins
Dr. Kenneth Crossland
Dr. Barry Currey
Mrs. Jane Evans
Dr. Stanley Fry
Dr. Corbin Gatlin

Dr. William Gerlach
Dr. Michael Giesler
Dr. Duc “Duke” Ho
Dr. Susan Jolliff
Dr. Paul Kooi
Dr. Ronald Lee
Dr. Teri Lovelace
Dr. Kurt Loveless
Dr. Don Lutes
Dr. Kent Macaulay
Dr. Rise Martin
Dr. Dan McCauley

Mr. Ben Melton
Dr. Keith Metzger
Dr. Scott Morse
Dr. Lee Oneacre
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Owens
Dr. Jacqueline Plemons
Dr. Richard Potter
Dr. Michael Rainwater
Dr Ronald Rhea
Dr. Jerry Roach
Dr. Richard Smith
Dr. Larry Spradley

Dr. Mary Swift
Dr. Ben Taylor
Mrs. Beth Voorhees
Dr. Carolyn Walker
Dr. J. Michael Wedin
Dr. David Wilbanks
Dr. John Wise
Dr. David Woodburn
Mrs. Carol Woods
Dr. Delton Yarbrough II

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Sponsors are an essential part of the TDASF’s direct services to vulnerable Texans.  Generating support with corporate entities, private foundations, local business and individual donors in areas of the state we visit, builds community engagement and awareness of access to care issues in the community.

2021 Texas Mission of Mercy (TMOM)

TMOM San Angelo
June 4-5, 2021 

San Angelo Health Foundation

TMOM Brady
July 9-10, 2021

G. Rollie White Foundation

TMOM Luling
August 27-28, 2021

St. David’s Foundation

 TMOM San Antonio (Veterans)
November 5-6

Greehey Family Foundation 
Dr. Akshay Thusu

2020-2021 S.M.A.R.T Smiles

Cindy Bailey
Jennifer Banton
Lila Banton
Lynda Bean
Anthony & Kathryn Biggers
Thomas & Roberta Cox
Scott & Glenna Deskins
Rick Edwards
First United Methodist Church – Marble Falls
J & S Foodmart
Mike & Tammie McAdams
Mark & Judy Miller
S & G Faucett Trust
Paul & Martha Sullivan

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