The Foundation that is now the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation (TDASF) began in 1998 as Texas Dentists for Healthy Smiles Foundation. It is a non-profit 501 C3 organization. In 2001, the President of the Texas Dental Association sent a representative (David Nichols) to Virginia to observe the very first Mission of Mercy event that the VDA was sponsoring in April of that same year. After a report was made to the TDA Board, it was forwarded to the Healthy Smiles Board and the first TMOM, Texas Mission of Mercy, took place in Tyler Texas in November of 2001.

The TDA had started a non-profit foundation in 1987 called the Texas Dental Association Foundation, whose purpose was to deliver continuing education across the state for dentists. Part of this education effort also included a sponsored lecture at the Annual Session of the TDA, which was named after a retired employee of the association, Beverly Baines. In addition, the TDAF also started a scholarship program for dental students that awarded one scholarship at each of the three dental schools in Texas.



The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that quality as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding sections of any future federal tax code. The primary purpose of the Foundation, subject to the limitations herein provided, is to improve the oral health of Texans, especially the needy and vulnerable, through education and increased access to care. The mission of the Foundation is to educate the public and profession about oral health, enhance the public image of dentistry, and improve access to dental care for the citizens of Texas. The Foundation will coordinate existing resources and providers, develop innovative programs, and raise the appreciation of dental health through public awareness.


Dr. Barry J. Currey, Chair
Dr. Wade Barker, Vice Chair,
Dr. Larry Spradley, Past Chair
Dr. Susan Jolliff, Treasurer
Mrs. Jane Evans, Secretary
Dr. Georganne McCandless, TDA President Elect and Liaison to TDASF
Dr. Jay Adkins
Ms. Jen Banton
Ms. Diane Bogan

Dr. Doug Bogan
Dr. Michael Giesler
Dr. Don Lutes
Dr. Kent Macaulay
Ms. Paula Owens
Dr. Michael Rainwater
Ms. Beth Vorhees
Dr. J. Michael Wedin
Dr. Delton Yarbrough
Mrs. Linda Radwanski, Liaison, Alliance of the TDA


The TDA Smiles Foundation is able to support $8 worth of charitable care with each $1 donated.
Now, that is what I call a great return for your money! Explore all the ways you can donate.


TDASF offers a variety of ways to support the Foundation, including:

General Giving, 100 Club, Honorariums, Memorials and Planned Giving.



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