Texas Mission of Mercy relies on dedicated volunteers, both professionals and community members, to fulfill its mission and enhance the lives of those we serve. Experience the spirit of compassion at a TMOM event and join our volunteer family. Register quickly and easily at

Note: Only registered volunteers can participate, and registration opens 6 weeks before the event.


Licensed in the State of Texas, dentist volunteers provide free basic dental care.

Individuals who have a registered dental assistant, RDA license from the State of Texas. 

Licensed in the State of Texas, hygienist volunteers provide free dental hygiene services.

Nurses are healthcare professionals who provide essential patient care, combining compassion, expertise, and clinical skills.

Students enrolled in their third or fourth year in a dental school in the State of Texas. 

Students enrolled in their first or second year in a dental school in the State of Texas.

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program with aspirations of entering the dental field.

Students enrolled in a State of Texas dental hygienist program.

Students who are enrolled in a dental assistant program in the State of Texas.

These individuals are employed in dental offices and have a good working knowledge of dental office paperwork and dental procedures.

Individuals who have a background in dentistry or education.

Individuals who are from the local community.


This area has volunteers completing patient medical history and other required paperwork creating the patient’s record. It is essential to have bilingual volunteers in this area!

Volunteers working in the vitals area will be taking blood pressure readings for every patient and blood sugar’s for patients who have a medical history of high blood sugar and/or diabetes.

Triage volunteers assist licensed dentists who perform dental screening exams to determine the treatment needs of the patient. It is essential to have translators in this area.

X-Ray volunteers assist patients in need of dental x-rays. All radiology volunteers should be a licensed registered dental assistant.

Volunteers working volunteer registration are responsible for checking in and checking out all registered volunteers at a TMOM event. 

Volunteers organize patient records and organize them to identify which patients go to which dental chair to ensure that patients are recieving the care needed.

Supply is the area where all the dental supplies is housed during the event. The volunteers in this area need to have a detailed knowledge of dental supplies and instruments.

Infection control volunteers are responsible for the sanitation of the dental treatment area. These volunteers clear and sanitize dental work areas between each patient.

All the “dirty” instruments are delivered to this area for disinfection and/or sterilization. Volunteers working in this area must be trained in infection control procedures.

Volunteers provide post procedure information as well as distribute any medications needed post procedure. These volunteers must be familiar with post dental procedure protocols.

Hospitality volunteers will prepare/serve food to patients and volunteers throughout the TMOM event. These volunteers will also distribute drinks throughout the event. 

Provide direction on selected parking areas. Provide assistance transporting patients who have mobility issues to and from the parking lot.

Data entry volunteers enter patient information and treatent into a software program so that all services provided are recorded.

Education volunteers facilitate activities and informational materials for patients and children. Participants have access to printed information, videos, and hands on activities. 

Runners escort patients and patient charts throughout the event. For example runners escort patients from patient registration to vitals and then on to triage.

This is where patient treatment is performed. Dentists, Hygeinists, Hygeine Students, Registered Dental Assitants are the eligible to work on the treatment floor.

 These volunteers will unload and load the semi-truck with all the TMOM equipment and supplies before and after the event.